We lived under a massive tarp roof for the better part of a winter. Before we could do roofing, we neaded eaves.

This was the biggesst carving I'd ever attempted. This was a pivotal decision moment.
"I'm about to have roots growing up the side of my house. go large, or go home... I'm doin' this thing."


The first major carving. This is all hand carved. My new CNC router wason order still.

One of the best things about cutting with the CNC router is that I get a fraction of the saw dust up the nose, in the ears, and down the collar.

Computer model below


Computer Aided Machine program. This is cut with down to a 1/2 inch ball end mill. The tighter the stepover the less sanding of "Corduroy".
I go with about 0.020 to 0.030 stepovers.


Rough Cut


Here is a fern half rough cut and half finish cut.


Cut from an old reclaimed board. Cool thing with Redwood is that even old boards are just fine inside. Knotholes are my friends. I like them. they add character.


Above the copper gutter copper flashing is pounded to fit the wood contours.