The floor in between the slate and black granite Kraken claws is made of hand carved Brazillian Cherry.
The surface is carved to appear like swirling vortexes of water.

To maintain similarity between the ripples I first designed and built a machine to assist in the task.

Cam tracks, shown in blue, can be swapped out between three sizes to create different sizes of ripples (red below) with the same shape.

Because this was all designed in CAD and CNC machined to the model I could accurately predict and control the shape of the ripple by adjusting the cams.

The floor boards are patterned and cut to fit with the help of my awesome wife Kathy.
The pink triangles laying about are the board end patterns.

Laying out the vortex with an air hose.

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The ripple machine in action..

After the ripple divots are formed, the rest is hand carved.
To confine the dust I wear a powered air filtering helmet and carve under a floorless kiddie play tent.

Everyone loves Mr. Potato Head.

Finished Floor