This is a hobby that dates back to when I was nine years old and made a snake cake out of a row of cupcakes for my own birthday and a coconut fur teddy bear cake for my little brother.
I've got no pix of those.

( A snake cake? Seriously? There were early signs of trouble...)



This cake is of my daughters four "Obsession Books" each, a series of books that she has loved and read to death. This was several years ago.
These books are so worn out now that she keeps them in ziploc bags... but refuses to get new ones because these are her friends.

The covers of these books are printed using the Baskin Robins edible printing service.
These are made from actual photos of her books with the covers all worn off and the pages falling out from being read to death.

When you cut into the cake party guests discover that the Little House books contain flower sprinkles between the layers.

Narnia contains coconut snow

Harry potter contains Pop Rocks


Twilight... Thickened berry juice blood.
It started oozing "blood" halfway thru the party... Eeeeewwww!!!!



Lady bug for our little Lady Bug Morgan



20 +20 for my wonderful wife



This one has a working sterno camp fire for a camping themed party. That's Kelley peering out of the tent.
Not to worry the bugs on the table are plastic.



This one is all edible except for the hair and the eyes.



Using dental casting materials I took a casting from her favorite dolls face and molded the same face out of candy melts.



Same with the hands. Perfect replicas of candy. Kinda seemed canibalistic to eat however. I think somebody finally got up the nerve to eat the nose.



It felt rather icky sawing up another fresh clean doll I bought to steal the eyes and hair from!
Running the dolls head thru the bandsaw to obtain just the scalp was just disturbingly wrong somehow!



Here is the Lamp post from Narnia from the book The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. The top roof and bottom candle holder are wrapped in black edible fondant to look like sheet metal, placed upon a custom made wooden structure.


CAD file of cake from which I cut the parts with on the CNC router.
That was quick.
All the parts cut out of a sheet of 1/2" plywood in 5 minutes.

And yes, If you know the cold and snowy story... there is only one crossbar on the lamp post.




The Ipod Cake





Just the basics for Daisy the dogs birthday!

Daisy gets to eat at the table for the first and only time of her life. Whaaat a birhday! A dogs dream come true. Alas, she forgets the fork.



A $50 bill for my sister.
When I scanned in the $50 dollar bill my scanner stopped working. I fear I triggered some anti counterfeiting mechanism in the scanner!
"Honest Agent Jones Sir, I was just making a birthday cake!"
No black helicopters showed up.

All the text on the bill is changed in the computer before printing to sugar film, for example; In Mindy We Trust, No Food Value, and This Cake Is Legally Tender for Mindy's Birthday.



Tail section of a Firebolt 2000 broomstick from Harry Potter



The cake was a bit on the skinny side (the brown shaft of the broomstick) so a small Quidich field was added at the last minute lest we run out.
The broomstick is full of PopRocks... otherwise, how could you possibly expect it to fly?



A plate of Chocolate frogs filled with fresh strawberries



A train party at the Vasona Park Train with train rides from Engineer Jim Betz aferwards.



An over the hill cake...



A Mickey cake



This one I somehow I didn't get pix of the finished cake... but this is the image that was printed on two 8 X 11 frosting sheets by the Scotts Valley Baskin-Robins Edible Photo printer.
The print splits down the side of the photo frame on all of these money cakes so you can't see the seam.

The thing with making money cakes is that not only did it freeze up my scanner when I scanned in the $50, but photoshop even recognizes that it is money and an error message pops up saying
"You can open and edit this image but you will not be able to print it".
I suppose this is imperative for the software to do. Holy crow though, I wonder if it phones home? Dang.
" I didn't even save an unedited original Agent Jones!"

Even the people at Baskin Robbins raised eyebrows about printing money...
"But it's a CAKE! Look, it says right there... NO FOOD VALUE!".
I show them pix of past cakes so they feel better about printing frosting money for this sketchy looking obviously wannabe cake counterfeiter.
It didn't freeze up the cake printer.
I'd put the $50 & $20 bill cake pix up here... But I don't want the black helicopters to come... Tough landing in this forest anyhow.

Okay... I just checked the United States Secret Service website "Reproduction Rules". I think I'm okay.