Mold base nomenclature

The standardization and mass production of mold bases has resulted in naming conventions for basic mold parts that follow across all manufactured lines of moldbases and mold components. On top of that most manufacturers have adopted the DME dimensional standards for plate size and feature location.

Mold standardization

Most molds can be built using standardized mold bases. Many internal components also may be purchased as standardized components. Here are a few of the key mold components readily available off the shelf.

Mold plates

Leader pins and shoulder bushings

Guided ejection systems

Ejector pins, sleeves and blades

Core pins

Support pillars


Due to the variation between the shapes of plastic parts many of these standard components must be customized for your aplication.

The leading companies selling mold bases and/or hardware include PCS, DME, Progressive, Misumi, Hasco, and National.